JazzAhead! 23.04.2020 – Expectations vs Reality

This year I had A LOT planned for jazzahead!

Two new albums and live shows. With my main project ABYSS with Igor Osypov, Povel Widestrand, Tom Berkmann and Fabian Rösch and the Space Big Band with Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and a heap of amazing musicians! Add a few collabs and an electronic solo project – no doubt, I was looking forward to hanging, networking and just catching up with friends and musicians!

In reality, things don’t always go our way.

What hasn’t changed is me having hands full of music to play and write + still keeping up with a positive attitude. And my “Perfect timing” shirt now fits both my musical as well as the mental state I aim for… a good attitude these days ???? If you want one, see my merch shop.

Now I’m looking forward to next year! Thanks to #jazzahead! organisers for offering artists a full refund. Looking forward to 2021 being a blast!

See you soon next year, JAZZin, Jersika Records, JAZZ9TUS and all my jazz friends!

ABYSS live at Riga City Festival – Rīgas Svētki 2019

Video captured by a friend and great musician Ilona Kudiņa. A special feeling when friends and colleagues come to support. I’ll be returning to Riga on August 31 to play with more of the material and with great Latvian musicians at the Latvian National Library Centenary Gala. Looking forward!

On stage this time with Arne Braun (guitar), Povel Widestrand (piano), Josh Ginsburg (bass), Fabian Rösch (drums). Videographer Elīna Lieljukse.

Photo courtesy: Rigas Svētki 2019 Facebook, Ilona Kudiņa

ABYSS first video trailer is out!

Happy to publish to a wider audience the first ABYSS video trailer featuring

Toms Rudzinskis (LV) – compositions, sax
Igor Osypov (UA) – guitar
Povel Widestrand (SWE) – piano
Tom Berkmann (DE) – bass
Fabian Rösch (DE) – drums

Filmed at Side Ways Series, BERLIN.

Excited to continue this project, play, tour, record and more! Stay tuned for more!

– Toms

ABYSS LIVE @ Donau115 April 20

TomsRudzinskis_ABYSS donau115


Excited to play live with my new acoustic/electronic improvised jazz project “ABYSS” featuring some of the Berlin’s finest musicians. A fusion of avant-garde and jazz exploring the possibilities of electronics. Heavily rhythmic and melodic, incorporating the improvised and unexpected. The material I have been working this year!

Facebook event ???? https://www.facebook.com/events/360027268188121/


Toms Rudzinskis (LV) – compositions, sax
Igor Osypov (UA) – guitar
Povel Widestrand (SWE) – synths
Felix Henkelhausen (DE) – bass
Fabian Rösch (DE) – drums