My most impressive discovery in Latvian jazz in the past years!

Edgars Raginskis, Latvian Radio 3 on “ABRA” (2015)

This certainly is one of the most powerful contemporary jazz albums the Latvian jazz scene has to offer.

Toms Lipskis, JazzIn Journal on “Locomotion!” (2017)

Here’s everything one could wish for – excellent technical mastery, original ideas, knowledge of the tradition and a fresh, contemporary approach, quality, freedom, inspiration. Highly complex yet a joy to listen.

Ilze Medne, Music Sun, Latvian Radio on “ABRA” (2015)

A talent in finding the unbeaten path where tradition meets extremely intellectual, free, complicated and interesting musicianship.

Andris Dzenītis, int. acclaimed composer on “Locomotion” (2017)

Superior quality. [..] virtuoso mastery with purpose.

Katri Kallionpää, Helsingin Sanomat on live show (2019)

Toms Rudzinskis’ three opus cycle spoke with creative imagination, emotional plasticity and intensity of the artistic dramaturgy.

Armands Znotiņš, Latvian Grand Music Award juror,
Latvijas Avīze newspaper on ABYSS live show (2019)

The harmonic diversity of this album delights [..] the compositional mastery deserves praise.

Toms Lipskis, JazzIn Journal on “Locomotion!” (2017)

What sets Toms Rudzinskis’ Quartet apart is the structure of the music [..] modern jazz where one can combine freestyle, experimental avant-garde and traditional jazz freely [..] effective and easy-to-understand free rhythms, where deviations enter without breaking the overall atmosphere.

Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit, on Jazzukko festival (2018)

[..] saturated, multi-layered contemporary jazz looking into the spiritual and jazz-rock directions [..] music that flows through consciousness letting one get carried away [..] a conceptual work that attests to Rudzinskis’ new musical horizons.

Kaspars Zavileiskis, Music Sun, on “ABYSS” (2023)

[..] musicians make a brave decision to demonstrate their mastery without the possibility to retouch imperfections with the help of contemporary technology.

Toms Lipskis, JazzIn Journal on Vinyl “Locomotion!” (2017)

A futuristic playground for contemporary jazz big band, there’s a clear sense of joy, of adventure, of excitement…

Mike Gates, UKVIBE on “Space Big Band” (2022)

[..] a fascinating listening experience [..] with examples of new approach to tonality, arrangement and composition [..] deep aesthetic satisfaction.

Adam Baruch, Soundtrack of My Life on “Space Big Band” (2022)

This is the kind of 21st century jazz big band recording I’d love to hear a lot more!

Kaspars Zavileiskis, DELFI.LV on “Space Big Band” (2022)