New Tune “Whiskey Wine” with “Exchange of Happiness” (France)

Exchange of happiness – Toms Rudzinskis / Whiskey – Wine

Here the third video of the 1st with the amazing Toms Rudzinskis Music on his composition whiskey – Wine ! Hope you'll enjoy ! Please share our happiness ! Sorry for the quality of the sound, quarantine mean recording with iPhone… Take care

Posted by Exchange of Happiness on Piektdiena, 2020. gada 10. aprīlis

A new quarantine collaboration and some ewi action! Here it is! My tune “Whiskey-Wine” ????????with my Bordeaux friends!

It’s crazy to think that less than 2 months ago I was touring and travelling across the South of France and now – exclusively from my shed. Super happy I met Félix Robin music and other musicians on this trip. Great to keep in touch with friends even when miles away. Especially now.

Felix on the vibraphone, Louis Laville on upright bass and Simon Lacouture on drums. The project is called Exchange of Happiness, check them out!