– featured in Latvian media – Rudzinskis participiates in “World Home Jazz Orchestra” for Covid19 relief support

Another Quarantine/Lockdown collaboration featured in press! This time it’s Latvian public broadcaster/media LSM.LV about World Home Orchestra and the “Frontline Responders Fund”. Both in Music/Culture @100gkulturas and Covid-19 News. Thank you!

Thanks to Igor Kogan for composing & producing the “Revival”. Happy to take part and play with great musicians involved. You can listen to the full piece on YouTube.

In light of lifted restrictions and worrying things happening all around, you can still support of “Frontline Responders Fund”, international charity
fundraiser campaign helping first-responders and frontline workers with their essential needs ( ???????????????????? as we’re still in the pandemic.

Shout out and an invitation to those of you who are not following these msicians! Check them out! ???? Alex Hahn @realalexhahn, Eli Bennett @elibennettmusic, Kaori Kobayashi @kaori_kobayashi154 , Jay Metcalf @bettersax, ???? Andrey Zyl @jazylman, Dennis Adu @dennisadutrumpet, Gary Alesbrook @garyalesbrook, Voro Garcia @vorogarciamusic, ????????Terry Hsieh @tehjassman, Siya Makuzeni @siyamakuzeni, Josiel Konrad @josielkonradtb, Filippo Vignato @filippo_vignato, ????Joshua Meader @joshmeader22 , ???? Guy Mintus @guymintus, ???? Igor Kogan (composer/producer/bass) @koganigormusic, ????Matthew Baker @bakerinthewild and ???? Charley Pollard @chaspol2 mixing.

Stay safe and sane!

Latest Quarantine Collabs in French Press

Never thought I’d appear in French press so soon since the tour at the beginning of 2020! ????

Happy to see the saxophone sextet by Jérôme Masco and project Exchange of Happiness, led by friend Félix Robin music, where I had the pleasure to record a tune of mine “Whiskey Wine”????????, to be featured in Le Républicain – Rédaction de Langon newspaper. It was a lot of fun to record the compositions and connect with great musicians. Love the French spirit! They will always find a way to connect and celebrate that.

“Whiskey Wine” by Toms Rudzinskis (read more here)
Félix Robin music on the vibraphone, Louis Laville on upright bass and Simon Lacouture on the drums.

Lockdown/Quarantine Collaborations: Jérôme Masco "Villa Llanquín”

A snippet from my solo from one of the many Lockdown/Quarantine Collaborations! It was fun to join Jérôme's international woodwind sextet to play his latest composition "Villa Llanquín”. As always, nice to ‘meet’ and connect with new musicians and play something different!???? Olga Amelchenko from Russia on alto sax???? Toms Rudzinskis from Latvia on alto sax???? Patricia López saxofonista y flautista from Uruguay on tenor sax???? Jérôme Masco Music from France on tenor sax & composition, producing???? Dawid Toklowicz Music from Poland on bass clarinet???? Kira Linn from Germany on baritone saxAfter this live-from-home recording session I’m looking forward to see you all and play with you in person! Thanks to Jérôme for inviting!Go and check out the full HD version on Jérôme’s YouTube and Facebook!???? Henri SELMER Paris Saxophones Gottsu Co.,Ltd. Gottsu Latinoamerica RIGOTTI Gold Reeds ASTON Microphones

Posted by Toms Rudzinskis Music on Trešdiena, 2020. gada 13. May

Jérôme Masco Saxophone Sextet, composition “Villa Llanquín” full video on YouTube

???? Olga Amelchenko from Russia on alto sax
???? Toms Rudzinskis from Latvia on alto sax
???? Patricia López saxofonista y flautista from Uruguay on tenor sax
???? Jérôme Masco Music from France on tenor sax & composition, producing
???? Dawid Toklowicz Music from Poland on bass clarinet
???? Kira Linn from Germany on baritone sax

Can’t wait for things to settle down and us going back on road! France!

Here’s an excerpt from the article as posted by Jérôme:

“During the confinement, La Réole native musicians showed creativity”

“Musicians from La Réole region have published several must-hear projects. One of the bands, Exchange of Happiness, has published several videos inviting musicians playing from their homes. The result: thausends+ of views during the confinement.
Jérôme Mascotto – also a member of the collective – did his best with the spare time. He’s published three compositions with one particularity: nothing but woodwind. No drum, guitar, nor the bass. A real challenge for composing, without rehearsal. Each musician received her/his part, combining solos and accompaniment.
In the last video, musicians came from all over the world (Russia, Uruguay, Germany, Latvia and Poland). A fantastic outcome!”

Faces of Europe with Carsten Sander

Great to meet and be photographed by photographer and artist Carsten Sander for his new project Faces Of Europe – Carsten Sander – travelling to capture 1000 faces of Europe to bring us closer through differences and changes.

Happy to be part of the project. Music connects us across borders and cultures. It truly is a language that anyone can learn to understand and speak, the Esperanto that people have been looking for.

Looking forward to the final photos and the exhibition, hopefully, a travelling one soon enough. Noticing just now how awkward photos with no contact, hugs or shaking hands can be…

See more at:
Faces of Europe –
Carsten Sander –

JazzAhead! 23.04.2020 – Expectations vs Reality

This year I had A LOT planned for jazzahead!

Two new albums and live shows. With my main project ABYSS with Igor Osypov, Povel Widestrand, Tom Berkmann and Fabian Rösch and the Space Big Band with Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and a heap of amazing musicians! Add a few collabs and an electronic solo project – no doubt, I was looking forward to hanging, networking and just catching up with friends and musicians!

In reality, things don’t always go our way.

What hasn’t changed is me having hands full of music to play and write + still keeping up with a positive attitude. And my “Perfect timing” shirt now fits both my musical as well as the mental state I aim for… a good attitude these days ???? If you want one, see my merch shop.

Now I’m looking forward to next year! Thanks to #jazzahead! organisers for offering artists a full refund. Looking forward to 2021 being a blast!

See you soon next year, JAZZin, Jersika Records, JAZZ9TUS and all my jazz friends!

New Tune “Whiskey Wine” with “Exchange of Happiness” (France)

Exchange of happiness – Toms Rudzinskis / Whiskey – Wine

Here the third video of the 1st with the amazing Toms Rudzinskis Music on his composition whiskey – Wine ! Hope you'll enjoy ! Please share our happiness ! Sorry for the quality of the sound, quarantine mean recording with iPhone… Take care

Posted by Exchange of Happiness on Piektdiena, 2020. gada 10. aprīlis

A new quarantine collaboration and some ewi action! Here it is! My tune “Whiskey-Wine” ????????with my Bordeaux friends!

It’s crazy to think that less than 2 months ago I was touring and travelling across the South of France and now – exclusively from my shed. Super happy I met Félix Robin music and other musicians on this trip. Great to keep in touch with friends even when miles away. Especially now.

Felix on the vibraphone, Louis Laville on upright bass and Simon Lacouture on drums. The project is called Exchange of Happiness, check them out!

Toms Rudzinskis Profiled in “Music Sun” Spring Issue 2020

Happy to be honoured as one of the profiled artists in “Music Sun” (“Mūzikas Saule”), Latvian quarterly music magazine Saxophone issue.

Honoured to share the pages with Latvian saxophone players (both jazz and classic) Deniss Paškevičs (Deniss Pashkevich Music), Artis Sīmanis, Oskars Petrauskis, Arvydas Kazlauskas, Renars Lacis (my teacher), Aigars Raumanis, Joonatanu Rautiolu, Kārlis Vanags (Kārlis Vanags Music), Gints Pabērzs, Māris Jēkabsons, Kārlis Auziņš, Dāvis Jurka, Roberts Martinovskis, Artūrs Sebris, Valters Šmits, Indriķis Veitners and others.

Looking forward to translate and share the article in English on my website soon.

LSM.LV – A Decade in Latvian Jazz / Latvijas džeza 10-gade

For those reading in Latvian – here’s an article I’m honoured to be a part of, looking back at last decade in Jazz in Latvia! Written by one of our most hard-working and dedicated music writers Aiga Leitholde for the National News site featuring important voices from the scene – looking forward to the next 10 and more for sure!

Read more/Lasiet rakstu:

Liels prieks būt daļai no Latvijas džeza 10-gades atskata! Sveicieni visiem, ar kuriem džemojām un spēlējām mūsu sesijās un koncertos, tas notiekti ir viens no maniem personīgajiem “highlights” Lai nākamie 10+ vēl izteiksmīgāki un bagātāki! Paldies raksta autorei Aiga Leitholde par neatlaidību un uzticību mūzikas skatuvei Latvijā.

Toms Rudzinskis receives State Composer’s Stipend / Pateicība saņemot Jaunrades stipendiju

It’s my honour to be amongst Latvian artists receiving 2020 Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation artist’s stipend to create new work. I’m thankful to the Foundation, Council of the Creative Unions and Cultural ministry for this initiative and amazing opportunity.

There’s so much in store this year – ABYSS, Space Big Band, solo material, more #shednshare series and educational materials. Feeling grateful to have support in making it all a reality and sharing it all with you!!

The world needs arts, especially in challenging times that ask for inner strength and connection. I’m honoured to do my part…

In the photo with a composer Linda Leimane – go and check her music!

Vislielākais pagodinājums šogad būt starp māksliniekiem, kuri saņems 2020.gada Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds atbalstu – jaunrades stipendiju. Paldies par lielo ieguldīto darbu VKKF, Latvijas Radošo savienību padome, Haralds Matulis un Inga Brūvere, Latvijas Republikas Kultūras ministrijai Kultūras Ministram!

Šī gada darbu sarakstā ir gan kvinteta ABYSS albums, gan Space Big Band bigbenda albums, gan vēl neizziņoti mūzikas ieraksti un džeza mūzikas izglītības projekti. Esmu pateicīgs un priecīgs šo visu īstenot, dalīties ar radīto un atbalstīt šādu iniciatīvu turpināšanos!

Lai vairāk Latviešu mākslinieku jaunrades un jaundarbu! Mums pašiem un visai pasaulei. Īpaši laikā, kad jābūt stipriem.

Bija prieks būt klātienē Latvijas Radošo savienību padomes pieņemšanā, lai atzīmētu VKKF “Jaunrades veicināšanas stipendiju mērķprogrammas” izveidi. Prieks satikt māksliniekus, ar kuriem ceļi krustojušies pat skolas laikā – foto kopā ar komponisti ar Lindu Leimani!


In French press – Rudzinskis/Chazallet quartet (5/2/2020)

???????? Look at this! Honoured to be featured in today’s Midi Libre French regional newspaper with Léo Chazallet in front of no other than Nîmes Arènes! ???????????? Talking about our collaboration, how we met and our upcoming two shows.

Honoured to be amongst acts like Snarky Puppy to celebrate Jazz70 association 50th birthday! ????????

So don’t miss out on
???? 7.2 show+jam session @ Milonga Del Angel in Nîmes
???? 8.2 show @ Jazz Corner Cafe, Sommières

Playing with a great lineup with high energy ⚡⚡⚡ Léo on bass/contrabass, Jules Le Risbé on Rhodes and Patrice Heral on drums!

Thank you to Pierre Belmont for interview & Mika Anisset for cool photos from Midi Libres Nîmes & Midi Libres Sète! Hope to see you at our shows! ????

Posted by Toms Rudzinskis Music on Trešdiena, 2020. gada 5. februāris

ON TOUR – France 2020 | January & February

✈️ Next destination … ???????? #France! Super happy to share that I will be hitting the road for 2+ weeks with new friends and jazz musicians Félix Robin​ on vibes in Bordeaux and Léo Chazallet on bass in Nîmes and finally see the beautiful South of France ❤️

Félix and Léo have been amazing with organising shows & lineups. I am looking forward to p(l)ay them back with all my chops and energy! ???????????? It’s been a while making this happen, very much looking forward to this! ????????

Come out if you’re around – let’s play, let’s jam, let’s hang! I’m excited to meet people, experience the local scene and make new friends! ???? Send a DM and let’s catch up in the city! ????

Photo by Krists Luhaers​, LNB

???? TOUR DATES ????

???????? with Félix Robin, vibes, Etienne Manchon, piano, George Storey, bass

24.01 Au Chat qui pêche​, Bordeaux
26.01 La grande poste “espace improbable”​, Bordeaux

???????? with Félix Robin, vibes, Tom Bernus, guitar, Louis Navarro, bass, Guillaume Prévost, drums

27.01 CAFE Ginette, Toulouse

???????? with Félix Robin, vibes, Jean Loup Siaut, guitar, Louis Laville, bass, Gaetan Diaz, drums

28.01 Quartier Libre, Bordeaux
29.01 Quartier Libre, Bordeaux

???????? duo with Félix Robin, show with movie Koyaanisqatsi

30.01 Des bouches et des oreilles,​ Douchapt

???????? with Félix Robin, vibes, Robin Magord, piano, Louis Laville, bass

31.01 Bistrot Boheme​, Bordeaux

???????? with Félix Robin, vibes, Thomas Galvan, drums, a tribute to Charlie Parker

01.02 Thélonious Café Jazz Club, Bordeaux

???????? with Léo Chazallet, bass & friends

04.02 Zanzi-Bar Sète​, Sète

???????? with Léo Chazallet, contrabass, Patrice Héral, drums, Jules Le Risbé, piano

07.02 Jazz 70: Toms Rudzinskis & Léo Chazallet 4tet Milonga del Angel, Nîmes

???????? with Léo Chazallet, bass & friends

08.02 Jazz Corner Café​, Sommières

France, see you very soon! ❤️