ON TOUR – France 2020 | January & February

✈️ Next destination … 🇫🇷 #France! Super happy to share that I will be hitting the road for 2+ weeks with new friends and jazz musicians Félix Robin​ on vibes in Bordeaux and Léo Chazallet on bass in Nîmes and finally see the beautiful South of France ❤️

Félix and Léo have been amazing with organising shows & lineups. I am looking forward to p(l)ay them back with all my chops and energy! 🔥🔥🔥 It’s been a while making this happen, very much looking forward to this! 🎉👇

Come out if you’re around – let’s play, let’s jam, let’s hang! I’m excited to meet people, experience the local scene and make new friends! 💥 Send a DM and let’s catch up in the city! 💥

Photo by Krists Luhaers​, LNB


🇫🇷 with Félix Robin, vibes, Etienne Manchon, piano, George Storey, bass

24.01 Au Chat qui pêche​, Bordeaux
26.01 La grande poste “espace improbable”​, Bordeaux

🇫🇷 with Félix Robin, vibes, Tom Bernus, guitar, Louis Navarro, bass, Guillaume Prévost, drums

27.01 CAFE Ginette, Toulouse

🇫🇷 with Félix Robin, vibes, Jean Loup Siaut, guitar, Louis Laville, bass, Gaetan Diaz, drums

28.01 Quartier Libre, Bordeaux
29.01 Quartier Libre, Bordeaux

🇫🇷 duo with Félix Robin, show with movie Koyaanisqatsi

30.01 Des bouches et des oreilles,​ Douchapt

🇫🇷 with Félix Robin, vibes, Robin Magord, piano, Louis Laville, bass

31.01 Bistrot Boheme​, Bordeaux

🇫🇷 with Félix Robin, vibes, Thomas Galvan, drums, a tribute to Charlie Parker

01.02 Thélonious Café Jazz Club, Bordeaux

🇫🇷 with Léo Chazallet, bass & friends

04.02 Zanzi-Bar Sète​, Sète

🇫🇷 with Léo Chazallet, contrabass, Patrice Héral, drums, Jules Le Risbé, piano

07.02 Jazz 70: Toms Rudzinskis & Léo Chazallet 4tet Milonga del Angel, Nîmes

🇫🇷 with Léo Chazallet, bass & friends

08.02 Jazz Corner Café​, Sommières

France, see you very soon! ❤️

SPACE BIG BAND Tonight & Tomorrow night! – January 17 & 18, 2020

Tonight & Tomorrow SPACE BIG BAND @ B-Flat Berlin | 17 & 18 January 2020

🚀🚀🚀 TONIGHT & TOMORROW! We're all spaced out, the second day of rehearsals in full force, and we're ready to take off with you all on board > SPACE BIG BAND // Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & Toms Rudzinskis 🙏🤩🙏 Our heroes of space travel, once again, the Space Big Band – Malte Schiller (cond.), Shems Bendali, Dima Bondarev Music, Jakob Sørensen, Johannes Böhmer (tr.), Dustin Drews, Julius Gawlik, Ignaz Dinne, Leonie Freudenberger Music (sax); Nils Marquardt, Jonas Lindh, Andzrej Ugoljew, Duncan Alistair (trb); Povel Widestrand, Sebastian Boehlen, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – Bassist/Composer, Mathias Ruppnig!—(ENG) SPACE BIG BAND, Toms Rudzinskis’ “Music for contemporary jazz suite” is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation(LV) SPACE BIG BAND tiek realizēts ar Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds atbalstu Toma Rudzinska projektam “Mūzika mūsdienu džeza svītai”.#bigband #spacebigband #jazzmusic #jazzinberlin #bflatberlin #jazz

Posted by Toms Rudzinskis Music on Piektdiena, 2020. gada 17. janvāris

Excited to hit it tonight & tomorrow night at B-Flat Berlin Jazz Club with a great friend and musician Kenneth Dahl Knudsen premiering our collaborative contemporary jazz big band suite “SPACE BIG BAND”! Read more here.

Come and join us if you’re in Berlin > SPACE BIG BAND // Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & Toms Rudzinskis!

Our biggest gratitude goes out to our band of Berlin jazz all-stars – Malte Schiller (cond.), Shems Bendali, Dima Bondarev , Jakob Sørensen, Johannes Böhmer (tr.), Dustin Drews, Julius Gawlik, Ignaz Dinne, Leonie Freudenberger (sax); Nils Marquardt, Jonas Lindh, Andzrej Ugoljew, Alistair Duncan (trb); Povel Widestrand, Sebastian Boehlen, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Mathias Ruppnig (rtm)!

Toms compositional work “Music for contemporary jazz suite” is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation, www.vkkf.lv.

SPACE BIG BAND tiek realizēts ar Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonda atbalstu Toma Rudzinska projektam “Mūzika mūsdienu džeza svītai”. Projekta Nr. 2019-2-MDM-M01036. Notikums VKKF kalendārā.

ON TOUR – November 2019

See you in Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, Aalborg, Berlin, Riga, Vilnius and Berlin 👉 with Alex’s Hand, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quartet, Salvador Olmos Band, my Acoustic Quartet and ABYSS.

Happy to play with my Acoustic Quartet on the 19.11 at B-Flat-Berlin + host a special house show with ABYSS on the 18.11 🇱🇻 before we go into the studio.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the shows! Grateful for the musicians and friends I’ll be playing with!

Support “ABYSS” 👉 https://ej.uz/supportabyss. Every little helps!

01.11 Koncert: Alex’s Hand (ZDA)

02.11 Alex’s Hand Hungarian Spa Tour: Prulček

04.11 Hungarian Spa Release Tour – Pécs

05.11 BanZaj #44 – Alex’s Hand / Lemurian Folk Songs / Gidnim’Rém

06.11 Berl in tinta _chapter 9 by Alex’s hand

09.11 Muzyka Ucha Trzeciego vol.3 / Tatvamasi, Alex’s Hand (US/DE)

10.11 Alex’s Hand – TBA, Wroclaw, PL

11.11 Alex’s Hand (USA/D), Víčko

12.-13.11 masterclass Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg

13.11 Salvador Olmos Band // KONSert

13.11 Kenny’s Corner #32 (Toms Rudzinskis)

14.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen´s Tete

15.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quartet

16.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen trio

18.11 Toms Rudzinskis Music “ABYSS” – secret house show, Berlin, DE

19.11 Toms Rudzinskis Acoustic Quartet – Tomas Rudzinskis Quartet

21.-22.11 Toms Rudzinskis Music “ABYSS” recording – Blackbird Music Studio

Memories from Summer 2019 in Riga, Latvia

Recently published two video memories on my social media both from playing in Riga this summer and testing the big stage waters in Latvia with ABYSS. Performing at the Riga City Festival Jazz show and Latvian National Library Centenary Gala show – a special opportunity and honour.

Looking forward to see both of the videos released in full this year!

“Pablo’s insomnia” by a dear friend and great musician Tuomo Uusitalo at National Library of Latvia 100th celebration. One of this summer’s highlights with Ilona Kudina (fulte), Tuomo Uusitalo (piano), Reinis Ozolins (bass), Andris Buikis (drums).

Thanks to Ilona Kudina, Augusts Zilberts for organising – and everybody who came out to listen, enjoy and celebrate our castle of light National Library of Latvia 100th Birthday 🙏🇱

Thanks for the video to 🎥 Edmunds Mickus! His short documentary on the show and more of music can be found here: https://youtu.be/KBLMbaFmYzE

The full concert was broadcasted by Latvijas Radio 3. You can listen to it online here 👉 https://replay.lsm.lv/…/noklausies-lnb-simtgades-svinibu-no…

Moment form this Summer’s Riga City Fest with ABYSS. On stage this time with Arne Braun (guitar), Povel Widestrand (piano), Josh Ginsburg (bass), Fabian Rösch (drums). Thanks to videographer Elīna Lieljukse for capturing the nicer shots!

To support ABYSS 👉 visit http://ej.uz/supportabyss crowdfunder and be the first to hear the new album and see us play in your city! Looking forward to recording this music in less than a month at the Blackbird Music Studio!

In conversation with Maikol Pairdi for Music Travel Guide podcast

Listen to “#3 The 5 Must Visit Places to enjoy Jazz Music in Berlin with Toms Rudzinskis” on Spreaker.

BERLIN IN FOCUS. While on tour I had the pleasure to have a quick chat with Maikol Piardi who has recently started a podcast called Music Travel Guide.

In these series focusing on the Berlin Jazz, I shared my views on the scene, audience and vibe. Made me think of curating a list of my own as well. Great to see more outlets focusing on and covering these topics.

Head to maikolpiardi.com/podcast to check it out and listen to the episode! 🌍

Announcing Crowdfunding campaign for “ABYSS”!

You’re invited to become a part of my new album titled “Abyss”!

To hear more & support visit http://tomsrudzinskis.bandzoogle.com/ and take a look at the video here or  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntm3YXL8QqY

It’s probably the most personal and resourceful project I’ve ever done and I am really looking forward to recording and sharing it with you! My biggest gratitude goes out to my musicians Igor Osypov,  Povel Widestrand,  Tom Berkmann,  Fabian Rösch, and sound engineer Sebastian Ohmert from Blackbird Music Studio, my family, Kate Elpo and more guest musicians and artists.

“Abyss” is something endless, without a bottom or visible end, and this album will encompass it in a story of self-discovery, a “hero’s journey” we all have to go through in search of meaning and answers. Musically ‘abyss’ will manifest through the many layers of instrumentalists, vocalists, acoustics and electronics, as well as extensive post-production work.

It’s been a long time coming and I’ll be super grateful if you can support us and be the first ones to take this journey with us! If you’re still wondering what to gift me on my birthday – look no further!

👉 Please, visit the website https://tomsrudzinskis.bandzoogle.com/

👉 pick a reward you like

👉 help make this a reality & share with your friends (you can use the shortlinks bit.ly/supportabyss or ej.uz/supportabyss)

Every little helps – every cent and every share will be of great help! Thank you! Let’s keep in touch & let’s make it happen!

With gratitude –


Documentary on Latvian National Library Centennary Gala show, August 31, 2019

Click for video

Video documentary by 🎥 Edmunds Mickus on the Latvian National Library Centennary Gala show “Latvian chamber music and improvisation” held on August 31, 2019.

It was my pleasure to play the new “ABYSS” material as well as music by dear friends and amazing musicians Tuomo Uusitalo, Ilona Kudiņa, Andris Buiķis and Arta Jēkabsone. Performing with Ilona Kudiņa (flute), Tuomo Uusitalo (piano), Reinis Ozoliņš (bass), Andris Buiķis (drums) joined by Una Stade (voice), Rūta Sīpola (flute) and Grieta Sīpola (kokle).

Classical chamber music performed by Ilona Kudiņa (flute), Paula Šūmane (violin) and Ventis Zilberts (piano).

Thanks to Ilona Kudiņa and Augusts Zilberts for organising – and everybody who came out to listen, enjoy and celebrate our castle of light 🙏🇱

The concert was broadcasted by Latvijas Radio 3 👉 listen to it online here: https://replay.lsm.lv/…/noklausies-lnb-simtgades-svinibu-no…

ON TOUR – October 2019

See you in Berlin, Helsinki, Riga, Hamburg, Weimar, Erfurt, Wurzburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Vienna!

10. – 13.10 👉 hittin’ it with an amazing drummer and wonderful guy Alessandro D’Anna in Berlin The Hat Bar Berlin and Helsinki Garden by Olo + Harju8

14.10 👉 touching base in #Riga for a RIGA ROOM jam session Teātris – Jazz klubs Hamlets

23.10 👉 then back to Berlin with some Birthday news on ABYSS project (can’t wait to tell you all!)

23.10 – 11.11 👉 Alex’s Hand ‘Hungarian Spa’ Album Release concert embarking on a 20ish show tour with Alex’s Hand absolutely crazy orchestral (avant, prog, post, mod, exp, you name it, etc) jazz project “Hungarian Spa” release tour across Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria.

Come out if you’re about! Let’s hang!

ABYSS live at Riga City Festival – Rīgas Svētki 2019

Video captured by a friend and great musician Ilona Kudiņa. A special feeling when friends and colleagues come to support. I’ll be returning to Riga on August 31 to play with more of the material and with great Latvian musicians at the Latvian National Library Centenary Gala. Looking forward!

On stage this time with Arne Braun (guitar), Povel Widestrand (piano), Josh Ginsburg (bass), Fabian Rösch (drums). Videographer Elīna Lieljukse.

Photo courtesy: Rigas Svētki 2019 Facebook, Ilona Kudiņa

ABYSS Live at Funkhaus studio – Day 18

Our second track from the Live EP “Day 18” with ABYSS
live from Funkhaus studio in Berlin is live.

Looking forward to going into the studio this November to record the whole of this album, invite guest instrumentalists and vocalists, do post-production and play with electronics!

Toms Rudzinskis (Latvia) – saxophone, compositions
Igor Osypov (UA) – electric guitar
Povel Widestrand (Sweden) – keyboards
Tom Berkmann (Germany) – electric bass
Fabian Rösch (Germany) – drums

Frida Ekerlin – Lead Sound Engineer
Dima Vavilov – Recording Engineer
Sturla Friðriksson – Assistant
Krišs Veismanis – Mix & Master

To support the new album, visit https://tomsrudzinskis.bandzoogle.com!