Gerhard Ornig / Toms Rudzinskis Quartet

  • Release 2017
  • Genre Jazz

Nominated for Best Jazz Album at the Latvian Music Recording Awards 2018.

“.. one of the most powerful contemporary jazz albums the Latvian jazz scene has to offer.”

– Toms Lipskis, JazzIn

The Gerhard Ornig / Toms Rudzinskis Quartet album “Locomotion!”. Trumpeter Gerhard Ornig, saxophonist Toms Rudzinskis, drummer Andris Buiķis and contrabassist Pat Cleaver have created original and contemporary jazz music that combines tradition-based yet contemporary, dynamic and energetic sound. The recording was made in an analogue manner on a tape with the musicians playing together in the same room.

Released on Jersika Records.