Announcing Crowdfunding campaign for “ABYSS”!

You’re invited to become a part of my new album titled “Abyss”!

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It’s probably the most personal and resourceful project I’ve ever done and I am really looking forward to recording and sharing it with you! My biggest gratitude goes out to my musicians Igor Osypov,  Povel Widestrand,  Tom Berkmann,  Fabian Rösch, and sound engineer Sebastian Ohmert from Blackbird Music Studio, my family, Kate Elpo and more guest musicians and artists.

“Abyss” is something endless, without a bottom or visible end, and this album will encompass it in a story of self-discovery, a “hero’s journey” we all have to go through in search of meaning and answers. Musically ‘abyss’ will manifest through the many layers of instrumentalists, vocalists, acoustics and electronics, as well as extensive post-production work.

It’s been a long time coming and I’ll be super grateful if you can support us and be the first ones to take this journey with us! If you’re still wondering what to gift me on my birthday – look no further!

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