ON TOUR – October 2019

See you in Berlin, Helsinki, Riga, Hamburg, Weimar, Erfurt, Wurzburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Vienna!

10. – 13.10 ???? hittin’ it with an amazing drummer and wonderful guy Alessandro D’Anna in Berlin The Hat Bar Berlin and Helsinki Garden by Olo + Harju8

14.10 ???? touching base in #Riga for a RIGA ROOM jam session Teātris – Jazz klubs Hamlets

23.10 ???? then back to Berlin with some Birthday news on ABYSS project (can’t wait to tell you all!)

23.10 – 11.11 ???? Alex’s Hand ‘Hungarian Spa’ Album Release concert embarking on a 20ish show tour with Alex’s Hand absolutely crazy orchestral (avant, prog, post, mod, exp, you name it, etc) jazz project “Hungarian Spa” release tour across Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria.

Come out if you’re about! Let’s hang!