ABYSS album release tour 2023

Toms Rudzinskis – quintet ABYSS
album release tour

Toms Rudzinskis press photo April 2019


Toms Rudzinskis ABYSS plays jazz and improvised music exploring the possibilities of electronics. Heavily rhythmic and melodic, bending jazz, rock and contemporary music influences, the quintet paints their musical journey with expressive strokes, exciting improvisation and intense yet intricate live sound.

Having stirred up the local Berlin jazz scene and Rudzinskis’ country of origin Latvia, the project brings together some of the most exciting and fresh faces in Europe. Called “a talent in finding the unbeaten path where tradition meets extremely intellectual, free, complicated and interesting musicianship” Rudzinskis’ compositions open a musical conversation meant to be explored, highlighting all musicians’ personalities and backgrounds. Melodic, emotive and musically compelling, ABYSS is an act to keep an eye on.

Inspired by mythologist Campbell’s “hero with a thousand faces” their new self-titled album “ABYSS” tells a multi-layered story of a contemporary person’s search for meaning and answers through the abyss of the unknown, with music as one’s guide and teacher.

Now, with their debut album ABYSS recorded in Berlin at the Soundfabrik Berlin studio (previously known as Blackbird Music Studio) and with a successfully crowdfunded campaign for album release, the quintet is set to tour the Baltic states in November 2023, followed by Scandinavia and Poland in 2024.

“Toms Rudzinskis’ ABYSS spoke with creative imagination, emotional plasticity and intensity of the artistic dramaturgy”

Armands Znotiņš, The Latvian Grand Music Award juror at the “Latvijas Avīze” newspaper

Tour Lineup

Toms Rudzinskis (Latvia), saxophone, compositions
Igor Osypov (Ukraine), electric guitar
Rudolfs Macats (Latvia), keyboards
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (Denmark), electric bass
Matias Fischer (Denmark), drums

Technical Rider


Live session @ Funkhaus Studio, Berlin

Live @ Kuhlspot Social Club, Berlin

Live @ Riga City Festival, Latvia

Live @ Side Ways Series, Berlin

Photo: Mari Poller  |  Video: Kate Elpo

Live @ Donau115, Berlin

Secret House Show, Berlin


Album crowdfunding campaign – completed!