ON TOUR – November 2019

See you in Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, Aalborg, Berlin, Riga, Vilnius and Berlin 👉 with Alex’s Hand, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quartet, Salvador Olmos Band, my Acoustic Quartet and ABYSS.

Happy to play with my Acoustic Quartet on the 19.11 at B-Flat-Berlin + host a special house show with ABYSS on the 18.11 🇱🇻 before we go into the studio.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the shows! Grateful for the musicians and friends I’ll be playing with!

Support “ABYSS” 👉 https://ej.uz/supportabyss. Every little helps!

01.11 Koncert: Alex’s Hand (ZDA)

02.11 Alex’s Hand Hungarian Spa Tour: Prulček

04.11 Hungarian Spa Release Tour – Pécs

05.11 BanZaj #44 – Alex’s Hand / Lemurian Folk Songs / Gidnim’Rém

06.11 Berl in tinta _chapter 9 by Alex’s hand

09.11 Muzyka Ucha Trzeciego vol.3 / Tatvamasi, Alex’s Hand (US/DE)

10.11 Alex’s Hand – TBA, Wroclaw, PL

11.11 Alex’s Hand (USA/D), Víčko

12.-13.11 masterclass Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg

13.11 Salvador Olmos Band // KONSert

13.11 Kenny’s Corner #32 (Toms Rudzinskis)

14.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen´s Tete

15.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quartet

16.11 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen trio

18.11 Toms Rudzinskis Music “ABYSS” – secret house show, Berlin, DE

19.11 Toms Rudzinskis Acoustic Quartet – Tomas Rudzinskis Quartet

21.-22.11 Toms Rudzinskis Music “ABYSS” recording – Blackbird Music Studio

In conversation with Maikol Pairdi for Music Travel Guide podcast

Listen to “#3 The 5 Must Visit Places to enjoy Jazz Music in Berlin with Toms Rudzinskis” on Spreaker.

BERLIN IN FOCUS. While on tour I had the pleasure to have a quick chat with Maikol Piardi who has recently started a podcast called Music Travel Guide.

In these series focusing on the Berlin Jazz, I shared my views on the scene, audience and vibe. Made me think of curating a list of my own as well. Great to see more outlets focusing on and covering these topics.

Head to maikolpiardi.com/podcast to check it out and listen to the episode! 🌍

ABYSS first video trailer is out!

Happy to publish to a wider audience the first ABYSS video trailer featuring

Toms Rudzinskis (LV) – compositions, sax
Igor Osypov (UA) – guitar
Povel Widestrand (SWE) – piano
Tom Berkmann (DE) – bass
Fabian Rösch (DE) – drums

Filmed at Side Ways Series, BERLIN.

Excited to continue this project, play, tour, record and more! Stay tuned for more!

– Toms

Berlin – Helsinki – Riga in February 2019

Excited to see you all at these upcoming gigs wrapping up with a big blast on March 7 at Side-Ways Series 🎷wih Toms Rudzinskis Quintet! Get ready for some fresh material!

12.02. Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin
22.02. Solmu Pub Helsinki
23.02. Jazz Season @ Garden by Olo Helsinki
24.02. Trompete Taproom Riga
28.02. The Hat Bar Berlin
02.03. Donau Conversations at Donau115 Donau115 Berlin
03.03. The Hat Bar Berlin
07.03. Side – Ways Series > https://www.facebook.com/events/328889697964621/