#SHEDNSHARE (30-46) Jazz & Improvised

15 fresh & practical ideas for all improvising musicians / played on alto saxophone

#SHEDNSHARE Vol.1 is a collection of 15 video exercises and practical music ideas for all improvising musicians. These exercises will give you fresh and interesting ideas to use within jazz and improvised music contexts as well as serve as a great tool to help you improve your technique and dexterity on your instrument.

These exercises are transposed (Eb, Bb, C) for all instruments, covering a number of topics – dominant chord ideas, ii-V-I exercises, triads pairs, augmented triad licks, octatonic licks, whole tone scale licks, chromatic ideas and more with short written introductions for context and comprehension with a full 90 page PDF book.

The #shednshare series begun as an experiment on Instagram with me sharing my current favourite licks and exercises and now has expanded into a wider Jazz & Music theory project. Thank you for checking it out and giving it a try! If you do – come, say hi on Instagram & sign up for my Newsletter to know when the next course is published!